June, a month in books: Scott Walker: No Regrets, Tangerine, Vampire Movies and The Goldfinch

I haven’t read quite as many books as I’d wished this month. I did watch more than 20 films though, as well as getting on with other general work – life things, so that could possibly explain the lack of reading prowess in June. The three books I finished and the one I’m currently reading were all pretty good in their own way.

Let me know if you’ve read anything recently that I should check out…

Tangerine | Christine Mangan

This is an easy read and perfect for some summer break, holiday fodder. It is a story of friendship turned deadly obsession between two young women who first meet in 1940s Bennington College. I read it in a matter of days with the odd hour or two put in here or there. Ideal for an effortless, relaxing read.

Similar in premise to The Talented Mr. Ripley this is a story full of suspense and intrigue. Alice Shipley, a psychologically fragile young woman whose life has been marred by tragedy is in an unfulfilled marriage and recolates with her husband to Tangier in Morocco in 1956. Lucy Mason, a far less affluent scholarship girl with whom Alice had an intense but toxic friendship in college shows up on her doorstep one day without advance notice causing Alice to reexamine their past and Lucy’s current motivations. 

The Goldfinch | Donna Tartt

This is the book in currently reading. I’ve finally got into my stride with it about 80 pages in. which was much the same with The Secret History by Tartt which I read last year. I find her work can be a bit of a slog to begin with but always worth it. The film is due out next year and I was determined to read it before then. It tells the story of Theo who at 13 years old survives a terrorist attack at a New York art gallery where his mother was killed. As Theo escapes he takes a priceless painting with him, undetected and at the behest of a dying old man. Theo keeps the priceless painting with him as he grows up and into an adult life of New York crime.

Scott Walker: No Regrets | Rob Young

This book is not a biography in the traditional sense, but a collection of essays and articles by various journalists compiled by former Wire editor Rob Young, charting the significant moments both musical and personal thoughout the life of one of my favourites; Scott Walker. From his beginnings in 60s boy band The Walker Brothers right up to his experimental and avant garde explorations on Tilt and The Drift, the various articles find the writers attempting to decipher the notoriously private, fame averse music genius who turned away from the lure of fame and fortune to instead purue his own, unique path.

The book was published originally in 2012 so there’s no final interview before death moment but still nonetheless it remains a great overview of music journalism and commentary and its attempts to capture the inimitable musical genuis that he was.

Vampire Movies | Charles Bramesco

This is a little accompaniment book from the Little White Lies film magazine team. It was an Xmas gift from a friend and I only just got around to it this month. It’s a fun read which charts the evolution and appeal of the ever evolving vampire as cinema’s most enduring monster. From Murnau’s Nosferatu to the cultural importance of cinema’s first black vampire this book is an overview of the our fascination with the immortal, bloodsucking protagonist.

LOVE the illustrations in this book ❤

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